Browse Screen

Browse Screen

This is your browse contact screen. You are able to view, add, or delete contacts from this screen.

1Tab Categories

Tab Categories Click on the tab category that you would like to search by. For instance if you would like to search through a specific group, click on the group tab and each group will be put in alphebetical order.

2Contact List

Contact List This is your full contact list in alphebetical order. This will show name, address, company, and/or group. The tag colomn allows you to select specific contacts to use when generating reports or exporting information.

3Search Field

Search Field Search for a contact by entering the first few letters of the name you are looking for. It will be searching by the tab that you have selected. For instance, if you are on the name tab it will search by last name. If it is on the company tab it will search by company.

4Link to Map

Link to Map Find a contacts location by highlighting them and clicking on map. This button will link you to a map of this contacts location.

5Delete Contact

Delete Contact Delete a contact by highlighting their information and clicking on delete.

6Change Contact Info

Change Contact Info Change contact information by highlighting their name and clicking on change.

7Add Contact

Add Contact Add new contact information with this button. You will be able to fill in all neccessary information such as name, phone number, address, company, group, email, etc. See the Add a Contact module for more detailed information.

8Export Info

Export Info Export contact information into another program such as a RTF document, excel, or a CSV file. You can export all contacts or only a select few by tagging those you wish to export.

9Search by First Letter

Search by First Letter Click on the letter that you wish to search for your contact.

10View Phone Numbers / Email

View Phone Numbers / Email This area allows you to view the contact information for any entry when highlighted.

11Send E-mail

Send E-mail Email your highlighted contact by clicking here.

12Scanning Section

Scanning Section This will allow you to go into the scanning section of the contact that is highlighted. Look for more detailed information for this section in the under the Document Screens.


Envelopes If you are sending a mail out to a specific contact highlight their name and click on the envelope button to print out an envelope with the contacts name and address. Check your printer manual to see how to insert envelopes.

14Close Screen

Close Screen This will close the contact screen, but will not close you out of the entire program.

15Tag Options

Tag Options Checking this box will allow you to choose further options in tagging contacts. Tagging specific contacts makes it possible to pull only tagged contact information to use with other procedure such as reports.


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